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Well, we made it! 2021 is officially on its way out, and we're ready to welcome 2022 with open arms and high hopes for a better and safer year. New Year's Eve is coming and is an opportunity to play dress-up, shine and have fun! It’s the biggest night of the year so you need a dress to make a serious statement in, right? Although it is not the best time for big celebrations, you

If you are considering a few investments on your Winter wardrobe, you should include knitwear. When we say knitwear, we are not referring only to the cardigan. Knitwear goes beyond that and you might consider bralettes, trousers, dresses and blouses. You can opt for neutral colours like the oatmeal shade or dare by wearing bold hues to brighten you in those cloudy winter days. Some people might underestimate the power of a fabulous outfit, because they are afraid

Ah, the holidays…Nothing compares to the joy they bring to our lives. Our mood changes, we see things in a more positive way and we only want to spread happiness. Christmas is not only about you, but also about your beloved ones. It is the perfect time to express gratitude and affection towards friends and family. Christmas is about spreading love. Somehow the very nature of the holidays makes you think more about your

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